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Treehorn is a general used bookstore doing business in the small Northern California city of Santa Rosa. As such, we offer a very wide variety of books for sale.  Everything from paperback copies of recent bestsellers, to out-of-print hardbacks, and rare and collectible books.  They can all be found at our store.

Treehorn is located in downtown Santa Rosa, across the street from the recently re-united Old Courthouse Square. Opened in 1979 we have 40 years experience in buying and selling second-hand books.

Click here to go to our online book listings which contain some of our rarer and/or collectible items. 


Who We Are

Treehorn Books began as a collaboration between two friends who shared an interest in literature, history and the collecting of books from years past. Keith Hotaling grew-up among some far-flung Army bases until high school and college days in Sonoma County.  As friends at Sonoma State College, Michael Stephens had arrived in Sonoma County after a childhood in the mid-west.

At one time or another, both of our families have been involved in the running of the store. Especially Grant Hotaling, Keith’s son and the now de-facto store manager. In addition to the family connections we have several employees who have worked 25 years at the store!


We Sell Books

A few pictures are worth paragraphs of text.  Our store is jam-packed with books. We really don’t sell much else.


This is our main attraction. We sell many tens of thousands of them in over 100 individual categories.


Paperbacks, hardbacks, recent editions and vintage copies.  We sell them all and have a constantly revolving stock as we are very active in acquiring new titles in all fields.


We choose a few new-releases in a handful of categories:  fiction, travel and local interest, food and drink, a little non-fiction of general interest, and children’s books.


We also sell many remaindered books at great sale prices.


We sell many out-of-print titles, first editions, autographed books, and limited editions in a wide variety of subjects.  Many collectible books can be found throughout our store stock. 


In addition, we maintain a Rare Book Room, open through appointment only.

Treehorn is always interested in buying books, everything from a single title to entire houses full of books.  Since our stock is quite varied, we are interested in books on many different subjects.  They can be paperbacks, hardbacks, pamphlets, collector’s editions, and of both recent and historic vintage.

We Buy Books


How To Sell Us Your Books

The best advice is to call us first when you are ready to sell your books.  We'll strive to be as helpful as possible. We can quickly tell you if you have the types of books we are currently purchasing; what categories of books we are looking for;  and what your options are if we cannot buy some of your books.

The next step is to arrange a time to bring the books you want to sell to our store. Available times can vary a little, but are generally Monday through Friday form 10am to 4pm. We do not buy books on the weekends.

For larger amounts of books to sell we do make house calls. We have bought entire libraries and work regularly with families whose estates contain large and valuable collections.

These questions and any others are best answered by giving us a call at: 

707-525-1782  best to call Monday to Friday from 10 am to 4 pm.


Contact Us

Treehorn Books

625 4th Street

Santa Rosa, CA  95404

Call Us at: 707-525-1782

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